Saturday, January 25, 2020
Lakou Mizik: Haitianola

Lakou Mizik: Haitianola

Haiti and New Orleans have an extremely deep cultural connection which, in turn, arises from its historical one. Both places saw an infusion of...
Nella - Voy - Photograph by Nina Rodríguez

Nella: Voy

This fascinating disc, Voy, earned Nella the Best New Artist Award at the 2019 Latin Grammys. It’s no wonder that the recording...

Deline Briscoe: Wawu

The arrival of the album Wawu by Deline Briscoe is guaranteed to quicken any reviewer’s pulse. The unusual vocalist and songwriter has...
Pablo Aslan: Contrabajo

Pablo Aslan: Contrabajo

If the world of Argentinean music epitomised by its (Argentina’s) sensual tango was propelled into the future by Alberto Ginastera, Osvaldo Pugliese,...
Go: Organic Orchestra & Brooklyn Raga Massive: Ragmala

Go: Organic Orchestra & Brooklyn Raga Massive: Ragmala

Listening to the drone of the tanpura that announces the first track on disc one of this package by the Go:Organic Orchestra...

Putumayo Presents: A World in Music

Putumayo World Music is a New York-based label that has few peers anywhere in the world of music. It single-handedly introduces listeners to music...
Anat Cohen & Trio Brasileiro by Clara_Angeleas

Anat Cohen: Música da Paz e Alegria

Anat Cohen Presents Two New Albums: "Rosa Dos Ventos" and "Outra Coisa" (The Music of Moacir Santos) Montanha, Cristiano Alves, Nailor Proveta, Buosi and Burgani;...

Snarky Puppy: Family Dinner Volume Two

This is an exceptional realisation of the roots of what Snarky Puppy is all about. Forget the connotations of the name. Forget the fact...

How To Fall In Love With Ayelet Rose Gottlieb (All Over Again)!

Listen to not one, but two of Ayelet Rose Gottlieb's recordings; one featuring her own compositions. There is a swirling wind of mysticism that fills...

Introducing The Boston Cello Quartet

Boston Cello Quartet: Artistic Profile The first of its kind in the history of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Boston Cello Quartet was founded in...