Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Mark Applebaum: Speed Dating

Mark Applebaum: Speed Dating

Seven works by Mark Applebaum: Eight analog synthesizers, Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players – Eduard Leandro, cond; Takao Hyakutome, vn; Southern Oregon University Percussion...
Paulo Almeida Quarteto: Parceria

Paulo Almeida Quarteto: Parceria

The spellbinding disc Parceria celebrates an enduring partnership between drummer Paulo Almeida and bassist Bruno Migotto together with pianist Salomão Soares and reeds and...
Achilles Liarmakopoulos & Coline-Marie Orliac: Obvious

Achilles Liarmakopoulos & Coline-Marie Orliac · Obvious

For Ludwig van Beethoven, there was but one way to create art, “Don’t only practice your art,” he said, “But force your way into...
Göran Månsson & Friends: Ol' Jansa

Göran Månsson & Friends: Ol’ Jansa

Apropos of Ol’Jansa by Göran Månsson & Friends, it’s worth recalling that Erasmus Darwin (grandfather of Charles Darwin) once began his quest thus: "Would...
M.R. Gautam & Pandit Taranath - Live in Bombay 1967

M.R. Gautam | Pandit Taranath: Live in Bombay 1967

Pandit Taranath has been mainstays of Indian classical (Hindustani) music for well over half a century and have made significant contributions to the art....
Jen Shyu: Song of Silver Geese

Jen Shyu: Song of Silver Geese

Although the booklet note at times might come close to suggesting that Song of Silver Geese by Jen Shyu is a simple tale of...
Various Artists: florilège de la guitare

Various Artists: florilège de la guitare

Even a cursory look at the GHA Records catalogue will reveal that the label is a treasure trove of contemporary guitar music – largely...
Samuel Pompeo Quinteto: Que Descaída

Samuel Pompeo Quinteto: Que Descaída

Anyone who doubts that all modern music in the Americas came from the erstwhile "Americanised" African slaves who wrenched from their home country and...
Betsayda Machado & Parranda El Clavo: Loe Loa

Betsayda Machado & Parranda el Clavo: Loe Loa

Betsayda Machado is one of a kind. A parrandera queen and notional leader here of Parranda el Clavo on the album Loe Loa (Rural...
Corina Bartra & The Afro Peruvian New Trends Orchestra: Uniting Beats

Corina Bartra & The Afro Peruvian New Trends Orchestra: Uniting Beats

Part of the reason why this music is so compelling is certainly due to the splendid accord with which this ensemble reads these arrangements,...
Stanley Grill: At the Center of All Things

Stanley Grill: At the Center of All Things

Stanley Grill: American Landscapes; Lonely Pieces; At the Center of All Things; Diderot String Quartet – Adriane Post: vn; Johanna Novom: vn; Kyle Miller:...
Eliane Rodrigues - Frédéric Chopin Notturno

Eliane Rodrigues: Notturno

Frédéric Chopin: Disc One: Nocturnes 1 to 11 (Op 9 No 1 - 3, Op 15 No 1 - 3, Op 27 No 1...
Igor Willcox: #1

Igor Willcox: #1

This viscerally exciting recording with the young Brasilian drummer, Igor Willcox at the helm of affairs bodes well for the new generation of musicians...
Sultans of String - Christmas Caravan

Sultans of String Present: Christmas Caravan

To the extent that the feast of Christmas is universally celebrated it would make eminent sense to create a soundtrack for the season –...
Anat Cohen - Happy Song

Anat Cohen Tentet: Happy Song

This recording by the Anat Cohen Tentet shows the clarinetist and her ensemble traversing the widest musical topography she has in a very long...
Corina Bartra - Takunde

Corina Bartra: Takunde

It is impossible to over-estimate the importance of the great Peruvian musician and vocalist, Corina Bartra. But many aficionados of South American culture would...
Club D'Elf: Live at Club Helsinki

Club D’Elf Presents: Live at Club Helsinki

Clearly there is at least a guiding spirit on throughout this performance Live at Club Helsinki by Club D’Elf. It seems almost hackneyed today...
Gail Archer: A Russian Journey

Gail Archer Presents: A Russian Journey

Cesar Cui: Prelude in G Minor; Prelude in A-flat Major; Sergei Ljapunov: Prelude Pastoral Op.54; Alexander Glazunov: Prelude and Fugue in D-minor Op. 98;...
Kátia Moraes: Mistureba

Kátia Moraes: Mistureba

The beautiful mischief of Afro-Brasilian polyrhythms comes alive in this music by Kátia Moraes together with her entourage. The visceral energy that literally explodes...
Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo Vice Versa: Viajando Com O Som

Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo Vice Versa: Viajando Com O Som

Every hundred years or so the world receives a rare (a musician, poet, sculptor, painter or dancer) an artist the like of whom the...