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How To Fall In Love With Ayelet Rose Gottlieb (All Over Again)!



Ayelet Rose Gottlieb

Photograph by Youval Chai

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb: Shiv’a

The ten-part, extended composition has been written for string quartet and percussion. The music resides where the heart beats. Composed in commemoration of the passing of three of Gottlieb’s friends. Performed by the quartet Ethel, the music is wry and reflective, exploring the inward pain of the heartbeat as it mourns the loss of life. The music cycles through emotional states, repeatedly touching a radiant purity tinged with sadness and joy, an almost unbearably beautiful yet austere ecstasy, easily the finest work that Gottlieb has done yet. It’s dynamic, rumbling percussion is offset by the delicate sensuality of the strings, insinuating the bitter sense of loss.

Aylet Shiva-Album-Cover_Painting-By-Noa-Charuvi-300x300

Cover Painting by Noa Charuvi

The songs themselves and their sequence are chosen around the melancholy theme of death with special attention to the savagely beautiful lyricism of the strings playing across the drums and percussion colourings of Satoshi Takeishi. There is a range of situations each demanding a separate song setting. Gottlieb joins in the proceedings with gorgeous wordless vocals towards the end of the piece, tackling the music with Judaic zeal and typical Buddhist reticence. In the score for the quartet and Takeishi, Gottlieb displays outstanding musicianship, also singing with vocal precision and beautifully shaded sadness. As a chamber recording Shiv’a is a richly rewarding experience balancing the sacredness and prayerfulness of Kaddish-like rhythms with the questing brilliance of Eastern mysticism.

Track List: Neshima/Breath; Geshem/Rain; Lulyan/Tightrope Walker; Ra’ash/Earthquake; Esh/Fire; She’ela /Question; Dmama Daka/Thin Silence; Epilogue: Mahsan Yashan/An Old Toolshed; PM; Ties.

Personnel Cornelius Dufallo: violin; Jennifer Choi: violin; Ralph Farris: viola; Dorothy Lawson: cello; Satoshi Takeishi: percussion; Ayelet Rose Gottlieb: voice; Anat Fort: piano; Sean Conly: contrabass.

Label: 482 Music
Release date: January 2016
Running time: 38:32
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Based in Milton, Ontario, Canada, Raul is a poet, musician and an accomplished critic whose profound analysis is reinforced by his deep understanding of music, technically as well as historically.

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