Mario Adnet & Paulo Jobim Present Jobim at 90 With: Jobim – Orchestra & Guests


    The DVD is what one would declare to be a handsome bonus. Most of the cinematography is similar from song to song in the tracking and panning movements but one is prepared to overlook this because the camera manages to caress its stars – musicians such as Marcos Nimrichter and Armando Marçal both of whom do not just play their instruments, but seem to wield them as massive colour palettes with which to paint this wondrous musical landscape along with the orchestra, and the vocalists, as well as Yamandú Costa, heroically, the only instrumentalist charged with honouring Tom Jobim. Moreover, the lighting is superb and makes the instruments gleam just as the sound engineering does for the instruments and the voices. It also bears mention that the brief impressions of Tom Jobim’s music and the recollection of what this music did for the vocalists (and Mr Costa) are invaluable.

    Best of all, of course, are the vocal performances themselves. Perhaps the most memorable of all performances come from Luiz Pié on “Chovendo na roseira” whose luscious tenor adorns the song, bringing the lyrics alive as if it were written for him. No less memorable is Júlia Vargas on “Olha Maria” which builds into a mighty crescendo with Miss Vargas’ monumental attack on the final verse of the song before it fades. No less unforgettable is Alice Caymmi’s interpretation of “Falando de Amor”. In fact this is one of those gut-wrenching performances in which Miss Caymmi literally ‘cries’ the lyrics of the song. No less praise must be showered on the other vocalists, of whom the Adnet, Jobim and Morelenbaum families make an epic contribution.

    Photograoph © Gabi Carrera

    The album is part of the 90-year anniversary of the birth of Antonio Carlos Jobim. There could hardly be a better way to celebrate one of Brasil’s greatest individuals – or to put it in more familiar terms – the man who plays Garrincha to Moacir Santos’s Pele.

    Track list – CD 1: Chega de saudade; 2: Águas de março; 3: Chovendo na roseira; 4: Boto; 5: Mantiqueira range; 6: Olha Maria; 7: Valse; 8: Desfinado; 9: Falando de amor; 10: O amor em paz; 11: Eu te amo; 12: Um certo Capitão Rodrigo; 13: O saci DVD 1: Chega de saudade; 2: Águas de março; 3: Chovendo na roseira; 4: Boto; 5: Olha Maria; 6: Desfinado; 7: Falando de amor; 8: Eu te amo; 9: Um certo Capitão Rodrigo; 10: O saci

    Personnel – Marcos Nimrichter: piano (on all tracks except track 4); Antonia Adnet: guitar (on track 3; vocals on tracks 4 & 13); Mario Adnet: guitar (on tracks 3 & 10); Paulo Jobim: guitar (on tracks 8 & 13); Jorge Helder: contrabass (on all tracks except track 6); Antonio Neves: drums (on all tracks except tracks 6, 7 & 11); Armando Marçal: percussion (on tracks 1, 4, 5, 12 & 13); Eduardo Neves: flute (on all tracks except tracks 7 & 8); Henrique Band: flute (on tracks 1 & 3; baritone sax on tracks 4, 5 & 13); Paulo Guimarães: flute (on tracks 3, 4, 5, 9, 12 & 13; alto flute on tracks 2, 4, 6, 7, 10 & 11); Cristiano Alves: clarinet (on all tracks except 2, 8, 10 & 11); bass clarinet (on track 9); Adalto Soares: French horn (on all tracks except 2 & 10); Aquiles Moraes: trumpet (on track 12); flugelhorn (on all tracks except 2, 6, 9, 10 & 12); Everson Moraes: trombone (on tracks 1, 4, 5, 8, 11, 12 & 13); Joana Adnet: vocals (on tracks 4 & 13); Dora Morelenbaum: vocals (on tracks 4 & 13); Isabel Jobim: vocals (on tracks 4 & 13); Maucha Adnet: vocals (on track 13); Isabella da Fonseca: vocals (on track 13); Strings on all tracks (except track 10): Violins: Cláudio Cruz (spalla); Adonhiran Reis, Felipe Prazeres, Priscila Rato, Tomaz Soares, Luisa Neiva, Angélica Areias, Ricardo Amado, Gustavo Menezes, Fábio Peixoto, Thiago Teixeira, Rudá Issa; Violas: Gabriel Marin, Daniel Prazeres, Ricardo Taboada, Thaís Mendes; Cellos: Alceu Reis, Marcus Ribeiro, Marcelo Salles, Marie Bernard; Contrabasses: Rodrigo Fávaro, Larissa Coutrim; Carlos Gomes String Quartet on tracks 5 and 10: Cláudio Cruz: violin; Adonhiran Reis: violin; Gabriel Marin: viola; Alceu Reis: cello and Special Guests on CD and DVD: Alfredo Del-Penho: vocals & 7-string guitar (on track 1); Antonia Adnet: guitar & vocals (on track 2); vocals (on track 13)Luiz Pié: vocals (on track 3); Daniel Jobim: piano & vocals (on track 4); Paulo Jobim: guitar (on tracks 5 & 7); vocals (on tracks 10 & 13); Júlia Vargas: vocals (on track 6); Mario Adnet: vocals & guitar (on track 8; vocals on track 13); Alice Caymmi: vocals (on track 9); Vicente Nucci: vocals (on track 11); Dora Morelenbaum: vocals (on track 11); Yamandú Costa: 7-string guitar (on track 12)

    Released – 2017
    Label – Adventure Music
    Runtime – CD 52:26 DVD 56:19


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