Montréal Celebrates Festival International Nuits d’Afrique – July 7-19, 2015


Festival International Nuits D'Afrique 5

World music styles are an infinite source of creation for electro artists. The NUITS D’AFRIQUE SOUND SYSTEM series, presented by CISM at the Sala Rossa, is the Montréal hub of what has come to be called world 2.0.

  • DJ Greg de Villanova (Brazil/France) and Andy Williams (Quebec) – Blends of funk, Latin, Brazilian and tropical beats and lounge: Greg de Villanova is a globe-trotter of the turntables. Montréal-based Andy Williams built his legend as a DJ through multiple cultural journeys.
  • Samito (Mozambique/Quebec) – Samito provides a real Afro-Latino blast, blurring the paradigms contrasting acoustic and electronic, new and old, nostalgia and political criticism. Montréal’s “next chosen one” in world 2.0. Radio-Canada’s 2015- 2016 Révélation Monde.

Montréal is filled with talented artists who honour their roots while promoting the blending of cultures. The RYTHMES D’AILLEURS, GENS D’ICI series (Beats from elsewhere, people from here), one of the festival’s raisons d’être, is their privileged place of expression.

  • H’Sao (Chad/Quebec), at the Théâtre Fairmount – Gospel, soul, jazz, R&B, traditional African styles: genres are blended overtly, driven by penetrating voices, transforming each sound into pure emotion.
  • Marocouleurs (Morocco/Quebec), at the Club Balattou – Guembri, kerkabou, derbouka… With its beguiling instruments, the group serves up the hypnotic beats of Morocco’s various regions, setting off feverish ululations from women.
  • Veeby (Cameroon/Quebec), at the Club Balattou – With an intense soul style, along with R&B and hip hop intonations, her music, committed and backed by “a gentle voice, powerful and intimate,” delves palpably into its African source.
  • Rendez-vous mandingue with Adama Daou (Mali/Quebec), at the Club Balattou – Reverberating in the gourds of his balafon, its wooden bars echo the fabulous history of an entire people. Doum doum, djembé, Mandinka guitar and dance round out the program.

LES ÉTOILES DES NUITS D’AFRIQUE (The Stars of Nuits d’Afrique): The gathering place for late-night concerts, starting 11 pm at the Club Balattou: Putting the cherry on the cake. One of-a-kind shows, exclusive gatherings, lively jam sessions, a cultural blend – the very embodiment of the Nuits d’Afrique spirit. Free for all festival-goers who hold tickets to a Nuits d’Afrique show.

  • Oktopus (Eastern Europe/Quebec), 2014 Syli d’Or winner – Euphoria and melancholy for the three concerts given by these Nuits d’Afrique stars, opens its glittering world, emanating from the klezmer culture, to fellow wayfarers. With Paul Kunigis (Poland/ Québec) and Henri Oppenheim (France/ Québec). Jam session with Charles-André Labelle-Giroux (tuba), Gabrièle Dostie-Poirier (bassoon), Arnaux Allary (saxophone) and Nedjma Achour (vocals).
  • Los Viejha (Mexico/Quebec), 2015 Syli d’Argent winner – “La Bamba” belongs to the son Jarocho reportory, marked by African and Spanish influences. To the sound of the jarana, a traditional baroque guitar, Los Viejha invites its guests to stoke the fire of dance. With Stéphanie Osorio (Colombia/ Montréal) and Los Viejha & Friends. CLOSING NIGHT: Los Viejha and Mikhaëlle Salazar (Mexico/Québec).


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