Putumayo Presents Vintage Italia

Putumayo Presents Vintage Italia

“It’s a flashback to the ’50s and ’60s for Vintage Italia, a various artists compilation featuring well-known songs of the era performed in some cases by the original artists and in other cases by contemporary artists covering the classics. Highlights include the swinging “Boccuccia di Rosa” by Fred Buscaglione, the playful “Piccolissima Serenata” by Jula de Palma and “Ninna Nanna” from American group Pink Martini. Instrumental cut “Cristina’s World” by Emanuele Tozzi is another seriously-swinging dance number, and just in case you’re feeling a little shy about hitting the floor, the CD liner notes considerately include something that may help with that: a recipe for the Italian cocktail Sgroppino.” – antiMusic


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