The Sensuous Beauty Of The Brasilian Voice

Brasilian Voices – Tamy: Caieira
Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown

This is the second album of a sensational voice in the Brasilian vocal soundscape. The release offers a generous and welcome conspectus of her song output. Comparisons with other female voices may be odious. Tamy is a truly singular voice. Such highly skilled musical sojourns by anyone would be a wonderful achievement; hoe much more for a young vocalist who is on her way to a rarefied realm. The music here is sung with absolute clarity of texture and beauty of line too, captured in the controlled resonance of the wonderful studio aesthetic. The songs are one-to-a-part. Tamy relishes with virtuosity the challenges that each beautiful song brings. A few times, one might wish for more articulation of the lyrics but there is a brightness about Tamy’s voice that is so fetching that listeners will certainly fall in love with her as she breezes through the songs . The legato phrasing and mostly unhurried restraint with which the music is interpreted speaks eloquently for itself.

Tamy AlbumFraming this music is the inner voice of Tamy as she lets the songs out of her heart. It helps that she has the innate musical ability to switch between diverse idioms with great ease and to project her music with unfettered honesty and emotion. Tamy has a great range and this makes each song a sparkling play which she has conceived herself. Nowhere is this better expressed than in the elementally beautiful Triste Violão. The melancholy of the song has been fastidiously voiced and never falls short of absolute brilliance. In slow, elegiac songs, of which there are a few, there are always moments of scintillation and her voice explodes like floral bouquets celebrating the song. This happens time and time again as Tamy’s wonderful, original compositions come to light. The music of Brasil is in her blood and it is hard to imagine a future without her wonderful work. It is a music of glorious spontaneity that blossoms into one of the composer’s most heartfelt and luxuriant excursions into music of elemental beauty.

Track List: Eu tô com Você; Serena; Mãe África; Te Esperei; Dava pra Ver; Caieira; Atotô; Discurso Independente; Eu bem que avisei; Me Diz; Triste Violão; Dava pra Ver (remix).

Personnel: Tamy: voice, guitar (7); Lokua Kanza: voice and chorus (3, Rodrigo Campelo: arrangements, violão, guzheng and programming (1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10), ukulele and guitar (3) Moog (5); Kassin: guitar (1, 2), sitar and effects (10) ; Alberto Continentino: acoustic bass (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10), synth (10) ; Jam da Silva: percussion (1, 2), drums, agogô, ganza, talking drum, shaker, caxia (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10), tambor (6) Letheiris Leite: horn arrangments (2) ; André Becker: saxophone, flute (2); Pedro Robatto: clarinet, clarone (2); João Teoria: trombone (2) ; Davi Moraes: guitar (3) ; Sacha Ambek: keyboards (3); Marcos Suzano: pandeiro, cajón, surdo (4); Francisco Vervloet: violão (11), chorus (5) Francisco Fattoruso: chorus (5, Luis Caeto: chorus (5, Jacques Morlenbaum: cello (6, 11), string arrangements (11); Jr. Tostoi: guitar (7, 8); Sasha Ambak: keyboards (7, 8, 9); Strings – Violins: Ricardo Amado; Adonhiran Reis, Maurice Ferreira, Giseli Sampaio Costa, Yuri Reis Corréa and Fernando Matta; Violas: Cecelia Mandes and Estevan Reis; Violacello: Alceu Reis and Jacques Morlenbaum (11).

Label: Zip Records
Release date: September 2015
Running time: 52:00
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