The Sensuous Beauty Of The Brasilian Voice

Brasilian Voices – Cissa Paz: Cissa Paz
Photographer: Erin Scott
Photographer: Erin Scott

Cissa Paz is an outstandingly enterprising artist, at a time when many musicians – especially singers – are content to stick with the familiar. Her eponymously entitled disc is good news for all lovers of Brasilian vocal music everywhere. Her approach to vocal music is freshly imagined with instances of polished stability in joyous musical seas that might even get somewhat turbulent at times. Her music – both original and re-imagined pieces by other composers is entirely treasurable. It is unexpectedly playful and whimsical in the nicest sense of the word, and we almost always end up falling in love with her on this, her first recording. This is because her voice is light, yet incandescent. Throughout she creates a romantic atmosphere that Brasil is so wonderfully known for. However at all times she is a law unto herself. She sounds like no one in Brasil at this point and seems on the way to a stardom that others might be envious about.

Cissa Paz 2Uninhibitedly exploiting the resources of her vocal chords Ms Paz is an imaginative and often compelling Brasilian vocalist. The variation sets that grow both out of her own work and that of others comes off especially well, with Ms Paz relishing both their extrovert brilliance and their textural subtleties. She is touching without affectation in the music that rolls off her tongue and her heart and her music always reflects rarefied simplicity that is evoked in songs like Reza Cigana and Nila. I am moved by her melismatic brilliance and the soulful beauty of her voice and of her dreamy tempo. The bounding momentum of some of her sambas is uncompromising and she evokes the joie de vivre of much that is beautiful about being Brasilian. Listening to her, one does experience all that is exquisite and unforgettable of the best of Brasilian vocalists. In time she will grow into a true diva and this will not be unexpected at all. For a singer so young, she already shows a maturity that is something of a phenomenon in the world of Brasilian music.

Track List: Reza Cigana; Rainha Ginga; Cobrinha; Onda Mansa; Toro Brabo; Saluba; A Beira e o Mar; Nila; O Mundo Gira.

Personnel: Nicholas Krassik: violin (1, 3); Davi Vieira: vocals and percussion (8); Guitars – JP Silva; Patrick Ângello & Pedro Costa; Rodrigo Ferreira: bass; Paulinho Criança; Anderson Vilmar: percussion; Winds – Carol D’Avila, Alexandre Flauta.

Label: Indie Productions
Release date: September 2015
Running time: 40:00
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