Armenia Meets Cuba Jazz Project at Jazz Bistro in Toronto

Armenia Meets Cuba Jazz Project at Jazz Bistro

Armenia Meets Cuba Jazz ProjectArmenian culture meets Cuban spirit for a knock-out Folk Jazz project featuring world renowned pianist Hilario Durán

Music expresses the emotions, culture and ideas of the nation, and Armenian music is no exception. With rich history that spans folk, religious, pop, classical and everything in between, Armenian music expresses the temperament, happiness, sorrow, wanderings and dreams of its people. However, Armenian music isn’t only felt and understood by Armenians. Over the centuries, more and more nations and countries around the world have listened to, admired and adapted this music. It has proven to be universal language of communication of the myriad of emotions.

WHEN: WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 2019 / 9:00 TO 10:30 PM
COVER: $35 / DINNER RESERVATIONS: 416-363-5299

Jazz often combines musical elements from various cultures, genres, and time periods, to create new, rich and diverse sounds. We are on our own journey of exploration of the world of cultures through music. This time, our journey brought us to the warm, rhythmic and inviting Cuba!

Let’s embark on this fascinating journey, where the ancient, mountainous, soulful music of Armenia interlaces with the dynamic and bold tunes of Cuba!

The Band:
Ara Arakelyan – Saxophone, keyboards
Madiana Torosyan – Kanun
Armen Matosyan – Duduk, Pku
Joaquín Núñez Hidalgo – Drums
Dyalis Machado Migueles – Percussions
Yoser Rodrigues – Bass
Special guest -World renown Cuban born piano virtuoso – Hilario Durán


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