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Listen: If I Was President – Las Cafeteras



Las Cafeteras

At a time when the lines between true and false have been insidiously blurred, Las Cafeteras are the real deal. A product and reflection of the diverse, hard-working, politically active neighborhood of East Los Angeles, Las Cafeteras present songs of activism and celebration on their second studio album Tastes Like L.A., which will be released on April 14. The album offers a powerful counterpoint to the current dominant news narrative, while encouraging people of all backgrounds to cherish both what makes them unique and what unites them all. With open hearts and open minds, Las Cafeteras offer a timely and affirmative statement to confront a troublesome time.

The album’s first single “If I Was President” was released fittingly on President’s Day, February 20th. This bilingual song blending Mexican folk traditions with urban hip hop flavors and bluntly political discourse serves as the perfect summation of what Las Cafeteras is all about.

“We wanted to engage people’s imaginations about the future of this country,” notes the band. “Everyone knows what’s wrong, but not many know what to do. We hope to push people to think about themselves as presidents of their homes, schools, workplaces and to create the kind of country they would like to see starting from the local and moving outward.”

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