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Quarteto Quadrantes: Sinuosa



The name Quarteto Quadrantes may suggest geometric design by set-square, but the cultural topography is anything but that if you consider the ululations of its wonderful music. This is Brasilian fare, first of all; seductive and imaginative excelling in every facet of the quartet’s musical art, which has enormous personality, expressive reserve in its multiple layers and is a masterpiece of brooding and pulsating intensity. The four virtuoso musicians who make up the quartet—together with their guests adorn the music of Sinuosa with impassioned and harmonically and rhythmically rich idioms – samba, choro, forro, maracatu – that have been animatedly sculpted into their extraordinary, contemporary repertoire.

Quarteto QuadrantesTraditional tales of music dominate this recording, but these musicians live for the love and danger of modern art. Their work is inflamed by the passions of the underbelly of Brasilian culture. Bruno Elisabetsky, the quartet’s composer fashions these narratives from silken melodies about the pleasures and realities of urban life. But the dusty shuffle of traditional (rural) rhythms is never very far away. The gripping forms of the idiomatic tradition of Brasil run parallel to the contemporary, abstract impressionistic art. The four elements of Quarteto Quadrantes combine in an elegant, synergistic manner. Elisabetsky’s violão playing extravagantly colourful and he plays both the Brasilian instrument and the western-style guitar with robust flair. Gabriela Machado plays flutes and melodica which is beautifully ornamented with stylish sensitivity. Drummer Arnaldo Nardo and bassist Renato Leite combine rhythmic forces to bring a spectrum of shadings and colour phrases to the glistening and artistic music.

The music gains dynamic momentum throughout the repertoire, and is forcefully endorsed by the ubiquitous Teco Cardoso on baritone saxophone (‘Portas’) and soprano saxophone (‘Maré’), while Nailor Azevedo brings a lyrical joyousness to ‘Farol Alto’, a tune played with spontaneous vim and verve. The legendary Joyce Moreno appears on Elisabetsky’s worshipful ‘Samba Moreno’ adding noble sophistication to a visceral Brasilian, street rhythmic form of celebratory music. Even though the album is reasonably long, by the time listeners get into the swing of things they will also be filled with a desire for more as the stylish ‘Estação’ brings it to a close.

Track List: Prorrogação; Portas; Tema De Abril; Samba Moreno; Farol Alto; Sinuosa; Seta; Maré; Novos Ares; Ponto Cego; Estação.

Personnel: Arnaldo Nardo: drums; Bruno Elisabetsky: compositions, violões, guitar, voice; Gabriela Machado: transversal flute, bass flute, melodica; Renato Leite: fretless bass, contrabass; Guest Performers: Teco Cardoso; baritone saxophone (2), soprano saxophone (8); Nailor Azevedo: clarinet (5); Joyce Moreno: voice (4); Swami Jr: 7-string violão (7).

Label: Independent
Release date: December 2015
Running time: 48:32
Buy Quarteto Quadrantes’ music: amazon

Based in Milton, Ontario, Canada, Raul is a poet, musician and an accomplished critic whose profound analysis is reinforced by his deep understanding of music, technically as well as historically.

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