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Rob McConnell’s Boss Brass at Koerner Hall



On October 21, 2014, a rare reunion of Canada’s greatest big band – “Rob McConnell’s Boss Brass” took place at  Koerner Hall in Toronto. McConnell passed away in 2010 and  his widow agreed to let The Royal Conservatory assemble 21 of Rob’s long time band members – a who’s who of Canadian Jazz, including Alex Dean, Bob Leonard and Terry Clark to name a few. Rick Wilkins was conducting with stories from Ted O’Reilly.

Rob McConnell’s Boss Brass:
Rick Wilkins, Conductor
Saxes: John Johnson, Vern Dorge, Alex Dean, Mike Murley, and Bob Leonard
Trumpets: Chase Sanborn, Jason Logue, Brian O’Kane, John McLeod and Kevin Turcotte
French horn: James McDonald
Trombones: Alastair Kay, Russ Little, Bob Livingston, Ian McDougall and Terry Promane
Piano: Bernie Senesky
Drums: Terry Clarke
Bass: Steve Wallace
Guitar: Nathan Hiltz
Percussion: Brian Barlow
Stories: Ted O’Reilly

*Photographs by Atael Weissman

Atael Weissman’s main occupation is as an engineering consultant. Born, raised and educated in one of the former Soviet Union republics, which is now Latvia. He lived in Israel and now in Canada, for the last 28 years. Photography and jazz music have been his main hobbies for many years -perfect combination.

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