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2016-2017 Season at Flato Markham Theatre



Flato Markham Theatre announced its 2016-2017 Diamond Series season, featuring an eclectic lineup of internationally renowned productions, gifted pop stars, dazzling classical and jazz musicians, exhilarating acrobatics, and breathtaking dance. The exciting new Diamond Series will include illustrious theatrical performances, and a host of Breakthrough Artists, heightening the Theatre’s level of artistry, and presenting an exceptional roster of entertainment.

“Flato Markham Theatre’s new season is an artistic expression of all that makes our city and our people great,” says Mayor Frank Scarpitti. “It’s diverse and inclusive, and it connects us to each other, inspiring us in a way that only the performing arts can. With so many remarkable artists bringing their extraordinary talent to the stage, there’s something to discover for everyone of every age and culture. I invite you all to make Flato Markham Theatre your home for arts and entertainment this year.”

On May 4, during a special media event, Flato Markham Theatre revealed the 16?17 Diamond Series program, which features 49 productions and 65 performances. Guests were treated to performances by jazz flutist and saxophonist Jane Bunnett and her all-female Cuban band Maqueque.

During the course of the afternoon Eric Lariviere, Flato Markham Theatre’s General Manager, unveiled the multiple programs scheduled for next year.

Maqueque Band: Jane Bunnett (flute and soprano sax), Yissy Garcia (drums), Dánae Olano (vocals, piano), Magdelys Savigne (vocals, batá drums, congas); Elizabeth Rodriguez (vocals, violin) and Celia Jiménez (vocals, bass).

Photos of Jane Bunnett and Maqueque by Atael Weissman (click to enlarge)

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